<![CDATA[Ink feed - Art Mag]]> http://artmag.top/ink/ <![CDATA[Sialfr Sialfom Mer*, 2018Ink and graphite on paper, 28 x 18.5 cm]]> Drawing Paper Ink Graphite forkas kostromitin havamal runatal odin sacrifice study sketch <![CDATA[Flechette Attack sketch, 2017Graphite, crayon and ink on paper]]> Drawing Sketch Paper Ink Graphite forkas denis forkas kostromitin flechette ww1 death baudelaire sketch study <![CDATA[Ink - Study for Possessed Actor]]> Performance Paper Ink denis forkas ukiyoe yokai onryo theater study possession vengeance macabre <![CDATA[Ink - Yvette's portrait by Kim Blair]]> Painting Drawing Works Paper Pastel Painting Ink Video Art Blog Artist <![CDATA[Ink - Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Likens the Mueller Report to Maroon 5's Tattooed Frontman]]> Tattoo Ink Television Fallon Jimmy Noah Trevor O'Brien Conan Sanders Bernard Trump Donald J The Daily Show with Trevor Noah The Tonight Show <![CDATA[Ink - “I was by then plunging down into my darkness, and the internal]]> Watercolor Paper Ink Artist COSMICOMICS ITALO CALVINO STONE SKY WORLD MEMORY LEIGHTON CONNOR <![CDATA[Ink - “I seem to see him, alone in the void, as he travels]]> Watercolor Print Paper Artist History Movement Ink Matt Kish Italo Calvino Cosmicomics The Complete Cosmicomics World Memory <![CDATA[Ink - “What we call the Sun is nothing but a continuous detonation of]]> Watercolor Artist Ink Gouache Paper Cosmicomics Solar Storm Italo Calvino Joe Kuth <![CDATA[Ink - “Now it is clear that the construction of time consisted]]> Works Artist Ink Paper Watercolor ITALO CALVINO COSMICOMICS SHELLS AND TIME SHELLS TIME LEIGHTON CONNOR <![CDATA[Ink - “ere, now, my choice is made: I shall implode, as if this]]> Watercolor Paper Ink Artist ITALO CALVINO COSMICOMICS IMPLOSION LEIGHTON CONNOR